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A mattress should be adapted to the needs of the people who will sleep on it. And to make sure that it will be, it is important that you try it in the store, following the advice of the mattress specialist, since they are the ones who best handle the differences between mattresses.

Thanks to the study and advance of the different technologies, each type of mattress offer unique characteristics. And so it is possible, for example, to enjoy the comfort of foaming without sacrificing the durability and ventilation of spring mattresses and pocket springs.

The differences between mattresses are seen more clearly in leading technologies Bultex, which is currently the most advanced foam in the market. Thanks to its alveolar structure it offers completely different characteristics to those of other mattresses:

  • An optimum degree of firmness to guarantee a perfect posture of the back.
  • A welcome that guarantees a good feeling of comfort.
  • Perfect hygiene and temperature conditions.

Learn more form: www.bestmattress-brand.org/review-of-top-adjustable-bed-brands/

The 3 keys of a mattress

Each type of mattress is a world and that is why their differences directly influence the choice. If you have doubts, these three factors can help you choose:

  1. Soft, medium or firm firmness: represents the degree of support of a mattress, which is defined, firstly, by its core; In addition, it also influences the material of which it is manufactured (springs or different types of foams such as Visco, latex or HR). Generally, there are people who prefer firm support (perfect also for people with a high body mass index), while others opt for something softer (older people, for example).
  2. Welcome: a mattress has to be adaptable, and this feature is provided by the comfort materials and the upper layers of the mattress. The amount of materials and their components depends on being more or less soft.
  3. Hygiene: from the same day you open a mattress, mites, bacteria, and germs are deposited on it. They are an inexhaustible source, for example, of allergies that can be counteracted with hygienic mattresses. Its technical foams in padded and side panels act as a protective barrier in all mattresses.

We have developed a wide range of mattresses that cover all your possible needs. To choose the best resting equipment, remember to analyze them well and always trust the advice of the rest specialists.