If you have already spent 8 or 10 since you bought the new mattress, you will probably feel a slight discomfort in the morning. The time has come to change the mattress.

Visit http://www.bestmattress-brand.org/brand-overview-bed-in-a-box-reviews/and let yourself be advised by the experts, they will know what to take into account according to your rest conditions. Some of the points to consider a mattress:

Firmness and hospitality

Your new mattress should be adequate support for your body, so it should not be too firm or too soft. In case of not having enough firmness, it would sink too much, so the column would bend during sleep. On the contrary, if it were too hard, our body will not be accommodated and the spine will also suffer from bad posture. That, of course, adding your personal preference on the firmness.

Thus, the ideal mattress is the one that provides firm support ensuring that the column rests in its natural form. The support is provided by the core of the mattress, the heart, and the block of springs or foam that is inside.

In addition, it must be adaptable to the extent that we like it, this feature is provided by the comfort materials, the upper layers of the mattress, which make it more or less soft. This is how the pressure points are distributed and we have that pleasant feeling of comfort when we lie on top.


This aspect is synonymous with quality and guarantee of a good brand. To offer the best to consumers, the raw materials must undergo exhaustive controls and pressure tests that demonstrate their capacity to recover with use.

We submit before launching all our mattresses to a pressure test consisting of rolling a cylinder of 120 kg on them with 10,000 repetitions. This is the only way to guarantee the quality of the products launched on the market.

Unlike other manufacturers that assemble components, we have control over all the manufacturing processes of each of the layers that make up your mattress, only then can we guarantee our product, because we know what we have manufactured and do not depend on others.