The benefits of restful sleep are no longer to be proven, but to ensure optimal comfort and an adapted bed, it seems essential to stop at the choice of mattress.

Today there are different technologies used in the design of mattresses, ranging from viscoelastic foam to latex. According to the tastes, the morphologies and the needs of each, some types of mattresses will be more adapted than others, so it is convenient to examine successively the three current technologies: foam, springs, and latex.

Spring mattresses

There are several types of spring mattresses, but in general, the quality will depend on the number of springs. A mattress with few springs can be quickly uncomfortable, while many springs will ensure an optimal distribution of body pressure. In addition to this last criterion, the type of springs is also very important.

The biconical springs

They are the best-known mattresses because historically the most used. These springs are enlarged in both extremities and reduced in the center, surrounded by an insulator. The main insulators used in these mattresses are wadding, wool, cotton or foam.

The springs are not bagged and are connected to each other by the width by spiral steel wires. Independence is less present than in pocket springs, but these mattresses are resistant over time, and particularly adapted for people of strong corpulence.

The springs of continuous thread

It is a mattress formed by single continuous steel wire, with the aim of forming a more homogeneous spring. Independence is milder, but multi-spiral spring mattresses are reputed to be well ventilated. They are therefore recommended for people who are hot quickly and tend to sweat.

The pocket springs

It is the most successful spring technology currently. The springs are individually packaged in a fabric bag without being connected to each other, unlike mattresses with biconical springs. With the mattresses of pocket springs, the ventilation is not altered at all, but above all the independence of the sleeping area is excellent.

As mentioned above, you may have come to realize that there are many types of mattress. So we should choose only what is best for us. If you have more information, then you can get from